Yoga Teacher Training – Mentorship in The Somatics of Spirituality

This is a personal and professional development program geared towards anyone who would like to explore a playful, spiritual, and artistic approach to being embodied. The 250 hours of training are spread out over 11 months to allow for gradual deepening and integration over time. Although this training will involve a balance of left and right brain learning, a right brained intuitive approach to asana will be emphasized. You will learn teaching tools that will allow you to feel confident in safely guiding others while simultaneously cultivating and refining increasingly subtle awareness of your own body. This will ensure that your ability to guide others will be deeply rooted in embodied experience. Whether you intend to formally teach yoga or not, the skills and awareness developed through the training will enhance your ability to serve in the world in the ways that are unique and meaningful to you.
Yoga Asana
The Somatics of Spirituality
Yogic Lifestyle
The Bhagavad Gita
The Yoga Sutras
The Hatha Yoga Pradipika
The Yoga of Sound
Anatomy, Physiology & Kinesiology
Shatkarma Kriyas
Yoga Nidra
Chanting, Kirtan, & Mantras
Chakras, Koshas, Nadis, & Vayus
The Art of Teaching
Ethical Guidelines

Feel drawn to this program.
Have a willingness and openness to learn and unlearn.
No other previous yoga experience necessary.
Commitment to full participation in the program.
Complete the prerequisite readings.

There will be two online classes per month as well as 1 monthly in person weekend intensive.
The first intensive will be held on Feb 19th & 20th.
Full Tuition – $3880 (gst included)
Non Refundable Deposit of $800.
11 monthly payments of $280 from February 1st 2023 to December 1st 2023.
You will also be required to purchase a few additional books for the program.
David Beaubien
Gary Day
Robin Stamm
Mirah Love
Cindy Lee
Contact for more information or to request a meeting to discuss further.