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We are currently accepting applications for our Spiritual Mentorship Program. We are very excited to welcome new members to our core community and to develop more leaders for both our WisdomSong community and the community at large.
Mentorship involves private 1 on 1 work and also includes group classes, workshops, and retreats.
Participants are asked to commit to a minimum of 1 year of mentorship. This allows us to integrate changes in a sustainable way over a longer period of time, and also allows us to work through increasingly deep and subtle layers of material and awareness.

Our approach

We are dedicated to the process awakening to truth and embodying wisdom and compassion. We are open to using whatever methods and modalities work to produce those results. Our approach has three main compoenents:

Clearing up imprints from the past

Clearing away anything that is preventing you from experiencing your innate wholeness and that is causing you suffering. The main thing that needs to be cleared away is misconceptions. In the process we clear up the body mind mechanism as a whole. We heal past trauma, dissolve outdated mental patterns and beliefs, process undigested toxins, food, experiences and emotions, and clear up the energy field. There is no end point or goal of perfection, simply an ongoing process of refinement and clarification.

Responding skillfully to the present

As we begin to get caught up on clearing all the unprocessed material from our past, we simultaneously develop the skills and habits that allow us to digest our life experiences efficiently and relate appropriately to the present. Toxins, food, experiences, emotions, and energies are no longer accumulating and stagnating in the body mind mechanism at a faster rate than we can process. We optimize our body habits for thrive. We optimize our mental, emotional, energetic, and relationship habits for love, joy, authenticity and compassion. Again, there is no end point or goal of perfection, simply an ongoing process of refinement and clarification.

Relax, Relax, Relax, and have fun!

Rest in the knowing that nothing needs to be done. The wisdom of knowing how things are really working allows us to just relax allow the first two processes to unfold naturally. Life becomes increasingly easeful and joyous!

The essence of what we love to share can be distilled into two main categories. . .

Waking Up

The first is the ultimate freedom of awakening, where we point you to seeing directly the true nature of self and reality.


This includes learning skills and wisdom about physical health and wellness, and mental and emotional health and wellness. It includes developing conscious, fulfilling relationships, learning conscious parenting, finding meaning and purpose in life, pursuing passions and desire, and doing the true work (dharma).

We focus on energy mastery, psychic skills, and most importantly, understanding how our thought impulses create the manifest world we experience. 


Ideal candidates for spiritual mentorship

  • Have burning desire for spiritual awakening not only for their own benefit, but for the benefit of all beings.
  • Have deep compassion for the suffering of others and wish that all beings could be happy and free.
  • Are committed to ending their own suffering because they know this is the only way they can really help others is to first help themselves.
  • Have already come to realize that thought impulses materialize into the manifest world and are ready to dive deep into working on this level and unravel their personal psychology, or upon reading these words sense a resonance and know that they are ready to explore this.
  • Want to maintain authority over their own health, life, and spiritual path, while simultaneously receiving inspiration and guidance from others.
  • Are willing to “not know” and tolerate a high level of paradox and cognitive dissonance.
  • Are committed to stop carrying forward disfunction for future generations.
  • Are ready to relax the grasping to the false sense of self.
  • Are willing to open to limitless potentiality of what is possible.
  • Are interested in working on all levels of beingness (physical, energetic, astral/emotional, mental/causal, and beyond)
We are currently accepting applications.  


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Jhon Smith, CEO @ Labib Digital Studio

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