The Approach

The Approach

WisdomSong is devoted to sharing wisdom that helps you align with personal and universal. I recognize that personal and ultimate truth are both directly accessible to each and every one of us all of the time. I support you in deepening your connection to truth and offer assistance in removing the obstacle to accessing and acting in accordance with that truth. 

Currently in my approach, I make a distinction between the ‘false self’ and the ‘false personality’. Both cause suffering because they are not true.

I describe the ‘false self’ as the illusory sense of self that doesn’t exist. This is the self that science has now corroborated is an illusion created in the language centre of the brain. It causes the sense of separateness between the experiencer and the experience, between self and the world.

The false personality is a complex system of beliefs and behaviours that do exist, but that have been imposed on the person and interfere with the expression of true personality, authenticity, personal truth.

The process of spiritual integration is unique and will differ for each individual. It is a process mostly of unravelling the misconceptions about oneself and reality that prevent the direct experiencing of “true Self” and the expression of “True personality.

I have studied and practiced the spiritual integration technology of Yoga since 1999. and I have been teaching Yoga for 13 years. I  worked closely with mentors studying the esoteric teachings and practices of the Tibetan Buddhist Tradition, and after having completed my formal studies with them, was granted permission to pass on the teachings and practices of that lineage. Both traditions can be useful frameworks for pointing to truth and exploring the inner realms. When it seems useful, I will sometimes share or orient through the lens and language of those traditions, but I am not bound by them. 

I am also constantly deepening my understanding of relationship dynamics, the healing process, and subtle realms of awareness. I continue to work with mentors, healers, and spiritual guides, in order to deepen my own healing, growth, and inner work so that I may better serve others. 

I offer mentorship programs, classes, workshops, retreats, and private one-on-one sessions for individuals and couples.



























































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































My time with Sonia has been the most transformative, clarifying, and empowering experience of my life. I have learned that it’s possible to experience true contentment with one’s life regardless of the circumstances. I have learned that it’s now safe for me to let go of the belief that I must work hard and have strict self-discipline if I wish to live a happy and free life. I’ve learned that true freedom is not something that can be achieved through changing the outside world, but is actually a state of mind that is always available to me. I have simultaneously increased my capacity to be with the discomfort and pain of this human life, while also having more experiences of true bliss and happiness. My life has become much more playful, joyful, and easeful. Even in the midst of rapid change and painful loss, there is now an underlying lightness to all of it.

Robert Braid
Counsellor & End of Life Caregiver

Sonia has allowed source to move through her, Co-creating the most beautiful set of gifts and community of people who she is mentoring for their healing and wellness. If you are in need of support in your Relationship or seeking to build a healthy partnership in the future, she is one of the deepest wells I know. She is compassionate and grounded, kind hearted and deeply insightful. I always leave her workshops and mentorship sessions with real hope and practical grounded tools for an embodied, more whole life. I can’t say enough about her work and who she is! She is a special resource for Saskatoon to cherish.

Lira Lee
Craniosacral Therapist & Postpartum Care Provider

I’ve been working with Sonia for several years now and I feel so blessed that she came into my life. She is the embodiment of wisdom and compassion. She is incredibly skilled in the art of relationship and her spiritual guidance has impacted my life in a way that is beyond my ability to express in words. With her mentorship and support I have been radically transforming my life and the fun isn’t over yet! One of the greatest gifts she has given me has been to teach me that I truly have the power to create my own reality. Such a gift is invaluable. Thank you Sonia for your love, guidance and support. I am forever grateful.

Stephanie Thompson

Sonia is a light in the world. Just simply being with her inspires me to approach my life with more light-heartedness, clarity, love, and compassion for others. But her knowledge and concrete teachings are also so vast and useful. I can’t possible absorb all that she teaches in a class, but the things that I do, have initiated dramatic shifts in my life. Thank you Sonia.

Sarah Perrin Thompson

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